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Centre Kemnda's projects in Chad

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Centre Kemnda has been working with a group of street children in Koumra for a few years.

Three boys that were living on the streets and had been injured badly were placed in full-time care with a local family through the support of Centre Kemnda. These children are working daily with a private tutor to bring them up to an appropriate grade level for their ages.

Because we do not yet have facilities to house all of these street children full-time we invite the children to activities at the mission base several times a month to play volleyball and soccer, to wash, eat a meal, play games and do Bible and school lessons.


Orphaned babies

Chad has one of the highest rates of maternal deaths in the world. Babies who lose their mothers during childbirth

are at high-risk of malnutrition or death as it can be very difficult for the family to

pay for the powdered milk and look after the motherless child.

Centre Kemnda is currently caring full-time for 5 orphaned babies who lost their mothers during their birth.

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Temporary mission


At this current time Centre Kemnda is using an old mission house property for the Berasngar family to live in and to run their activities with the street children and to house orphaned babies. This house is a temporary space as it is not able to accommodate the many needs of the orphaned children in this area. 


Centre Kemnda

Building project

In 2019 Centre Kemnda was given a 35 acre plot of land in the bush by the local government. We are in the process of clearing out the land and preparing it for construction. We are currently raising funds to enable us to erect a water tower and build houses and other facilities to provide a place to house the vulnerable and orphaned children in need of care.

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