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Centre Kemnda and Centre Kemnda - Berasngar family support. 

Gifts given to Centre Kemnda go to a general fund that enable us to provide for the many needs of vulnerable children in Chad. Money given is used:

to buy milk and diapers for babies in our care

to buy food and clothing for street children

to pay staff to help us work with orphaned children

to pay hospital bills for sick children in our care

for transportation within the community

to buy supplies for the work with children

for construction projects within the mission compound

Gifts given to the Centre Kemnda- Berasngar family support fund are used specifically to help the Berasngar family be able to live and work with Centre Kemnda in Koumra. At this current time they are living mainly on income saved from their own employment and they still find it necessary to work several months of the year in Canada to supply their support needs.

Donating from Canada?

Your donation to Centre Kemnda through the Great Commission Foundation, a registered Canadian charity is tax-deductible

Donating from the US?

Your donation to Centre Kemnda through the Friends of the Great Commission, a registered 501 (c)(3) is tax-deductible

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